Who we are

The Great Bridge Woman’s Club is  a local branch of the General Federation of Women’s Club. The GFWC is an organization of women with 100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state and more than a dozen countries. We are dedicated to strengthening our community and enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. 

2018-2019 History



Why Join

The Great Bridge Woman’s Club offers members :

– The opportunity to work toward developing a better community and to work on an individual and group level.

– Personal growth through civic and cultural awareness.

– Leadership growth opportunities in leading group projects or programs.

– The opportunity to develop friendships with a diverse group of women through meetings, projects, and social events. 


The object of this nonprofit organization shall to be to enhance the cultural, educational, social, civic, and charitable welfare of the community and beyond through donations and volunteer service.

Projects and Programs

– Presents the Frances Shook Art Award to a local high school student
– Donates to the Shot@Life program
– Donates plants and trees to local schools
– Participates in Pinwheels for Prevent Child Abuse Campaign for CHIPS
– Donates and volunteers for Operation Smile
– Donates Salvation Army Angel Tree
– Donates food to a local food pantry
– Donates items to the Union Mission Women’s Emergency Shelter

– Donates toiletries to Fisher House
– Participates in the Bra-Ha-Ha
– Recycles plastic bags
– Donates to the Hampton Veteran’s Medical Center
– Donates to the Heifer Program
– Donates to the H.E.R. shelter
– Donates chemotherapy blankets for breast cancer patients
– Donates shoes to the Got Sole Project

The Great Bridge Woman’s Club presents an annual Fashion show as well. The funds from the show go towards a high school scholarship and other service projects.